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        The 500 Kv Shaoling substation is the first of its kind in China
        release time:2020-03-31
        On April 9, the Shaoling Camera modulation project was put into operation at the 500 Kv Shaoling substation in Luohe, Henan Province. This project is the first 500 KV transformer substation installation project in China, which is of great significance to ensure the safe and stable operation of the UHVDC project. The commissioning of the Shaoling condenser project will effectively solve the problem of reactive power and voltage stability caused by the large-scale connection of uhv trans-regional DC transmission and scenic new energy to the power grid, it is of great significance for Henan to absorb foreign electricity on a larger scale, absorb clean energy on a larger scale and speed up energy transformation and development. The condenser is a synchronous motor that can maintain the stability of reactive power and voltage by absorbing and outputting power to solve the problem of dynamic reactive power shortage caused by the increase of High-voltage direct current#Back to back capacity and the large-scale access of new energy sources, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid. A total investment of more than 300 million yuan has been invested in the Shaoling Camera Adjustment Project in Luohe. Two 300-megaton Synchronous condenser units have been installed. The latest technology of the Energy Internet has been adopted to digitize equipment monitoring, automate unit operation and maintenance, and remotely control dispatch. The commissioning of the project can effectively solve the problem of reactive power and voltage stability caused by UHV TRANS-REGIONAL DC transmission and large-scale access to the power grid by scenic new energy sources, it will help the Henan Power Grid to absorb foreign electricity on a larger scale and absorb clean energy on a larger scale, accelerate the transformation and development of energy, and further enhance the ability of the Henan Power Grid to ensure security and optimize the allocation of resources, it is of great significance for the safe and stable operation of the main power grid in Henan Province and the restoration of normal production order during the epidemic prevention and control period. The Shaoling Camera modulation project in Luohe also has certain economic and environmental benefits. "taking the 800 Kv Tianzhong DC already in operation as an example, the Shao Ling condenser project can effectively increase the transmission capacity without increasing investment after it is put into operation, " said Shen Hui, head of the trial Operation Group of the Shao Ling Condenser project in Luohe. Since mid-february, the state power company of Henan Province, which is the owner of the project, has organized the relevant units under its ownership to strictly implement the measures for the prevention and control of the epidemic situation and promptly start the project to resume work, do a solid job of equipment lean tracking, project professional acceptance, network-related testing and other preparatory work. In the process of implementation, the general contractor Nanrui group successfully completed the protection system debugging, telecontrol up-feed, excitation switch, fast restart, no-load characteristics, synchronous grid-connected and other tests. The test results show that all parameters, performance and indexes meet the requirements of the design scheme, and the transient Operation Index and overload capacity are excellent. Earlier, the UHVDC converter stations in Jarud Banner, Jiuquan and Ximeng have been completed, effectively enhancing the stability of the UHV power grid and power supply capacity. The commissioning of Shaoling condenser project can provide a model for the installation of 500kv substations.